Poll: Bush twice as bad as Nixon

Friday, June 02, 2006 at 04:36 PM

If you've ever wondered which of the two Republican Blunderkinds is worse (Bush II or Nixon), you now have an answer from the latest Quinnipiac poll:  Bush II by a longshot, twice as bad as Nixon.

Twice as bad as a man who was impeached and resigned before he could be convicted.  Think about that.

Asked to rate the post-WW II presidents for the best and worst, the current President was rated worst by 34%.  Nixon was next worst at 17%.

Before you get too elated, you should know that Reagan was voted the best of the 11 post-WW II presidents, getting the vote of 28% of respondents, to 25% for Clinton and 18% for Kennedy.

Unlike Clinton, who still triggers mixed feelings (he was voted second best and third worst), the opinion on Bush II was pretty consistent.  While 34% considered him the worst, only 2% consider him the best.

Personally, I'd use this poll question as a shorthand sanity test.  Someone please go find the 2% who voted Bush II the best and dress them up in those shirts with the funny sleeves.