Bob Ney joins Katherine Harris in invisibility

Saturday, June 03, 2006 at 05:03 PM

Some Republicans are trading high visibility for invisibility.  WTW previously described Katherine Harris's drift toward the invisible end of the Republican spectrum.  Now it seemsBob Ney, he of Ohio and Abramoff fame, is rapidly joining her:

Ney Not Asked To Invite Donors To GOP Fundraiser

WASHINGTON (AP) -- An Ohio Republican at the center of two corruption investigations is the only member of his party's congressional delegation kept off an invitation to a Washington fundraiser next month.

Bob Ney was not asked to lend his name to a June seventh fundraiser for Lorain Mayor Craig Foltin, who hopes to replace Democrat Sherrod Brown in an Akron-area district.

On the invitation, the state's two senators and the eleven other Republican House members invite donors to the event.

It's one of the first signs of GOP distance from Ney since his former chief of staff pleaded guilty to corrupting him with free travel, meals, events and campaign contributions in exchange for official acts.

One of the first signs of distancing, but not likely to be the last.

As the number of Republican representatives under indictment/investigation/suspicion/lock & key grows, can we look forward to the day that invitations to meet the national Republicans list only 3 or 4 names?  None at all?