Just joined Watching The Watchers...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 05:44 PM

This is just to get up and running.  I have been thinking of doing this <blogging> for a couple of years now - and even longer if you consider my personal web page.  

Here is what drives me.  I have been cynical about politics since the viet nam war, and still am i guess, but dubya has sort of pushed me over the line.  

I contend that in an age of politicians who play business with our world and it's resources, the good qualities of our country and our planet cannot survive the democratic process. Here is what i mean:

Suppose that the next 3 presidents are the best we have ever had.  Everyone is happy - no war - they protect the environment and actually spend resources to try to fix it!  Sounds really good.  Then, for lack of a better term,a dubya, gets elected.  Even if our dubya gets only a single term, more damage can be done than was undone by the last three presidents combined. If you don't believe me - look at the namesakes first term.

The thing about dubya that has pushed me over the edge is the complete candor with witch he has done his evil.  

Everyone knows.

Everyone knows that dubya's oil buddies are getting very wealthy directly due to his influence.

Everyone knows that the war in iraq was committed under false pretenses.

Everyone knows that if anyone in government spoke out about that falsity bad things would happen to them.

Everyone knows that we are holding some innocent people in guantanamo.

Everyone knows we are torturing people in the name of the usa.

Everyone knows we are taking people from their homelands and putting them in secret prisons halfway around the world while their families wonder what has happened to them.

Everyone knows that dubya and his staff have broken many laws in the persuit of wealth and power.

Everyone knows that dubya protects his Saudi friends more than he does his constituency.

etc etc etc

I hope to explore ways to lose my cynicism with the readership in later entries.