Rush in a Tizzy! And BradBlog Scoops the AP!

Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 01:03 PM

Brad Friedman of The Brad Blog is at it again, pulling up rocks and watching Republicans scurry out from underneath.

In an article this afternoon, Brad takes Rush to task for his comments that a "left wing conspiracy", masterminded by the DNC and Wilson, is responsible for the whole Plame affair:

The "theory" that Rush has been pummelling his Ditto Heads with all day: Joe Wilson has been a part of a double super secret background conspiracy with the DNC since day one, well before he was sent by the CIA to Niger.

Yes, that's right. According to Rush, the entire plan to send George W. Bush's own father's Man in Iraq -- a decades-long expert in African and Middle-Eastern affairs to Niger -- was all just a ploy by Democrats "to undermine the War in Iraq and the Bush Presidency," as Rush repeatedly described it.

We suppose then, that Bush 41's letter sent to Wilson saying that he concurred with much of the article that Wilson wrote prior to the war in the San Jose Mercury News was also part of that conspiracy.

Why is Dubya's own father trying to destroy Dubya's own "Presidency", dammit?!

You really have to read the whole thing, it's an excellent dissection of Rush's latest idiocy.

In other news, Brad Scooped the AP (again), in reporting Joe Wilson's calling for Rove to be fired by the administration.

A move that we at Watching The Watchers think would be sanctioned by any administration that cared about national security for real, rather than just gave it lip service to get re-elected.