Time To Set My Watch, Obviously

Friday, June 09, 2006 at 05:41 PM

Not to start off a rant by sounding a lot like Andy Rooney, but d'ya ever notice....?

Some folks are so predicatble, and I mean, down to the point where I no longer require WWV to set my watch: I just wait on them to happen by, and with their usual regularity.

The other morn, on the way to my low-paying thankless job, I was tuning the dial around, and landed on Nazi Party Radio, and oh, boy oh boy, were they ever in a pre-ejaculatory fever!

Oh, yeah, the death of this Zar-whatzit creep. From the overall tone, you'd think Jesus was on final approach to 27 Right at O'Hare, eh?

Oh, well, time for something else to listen to.

But, a mile or so down the road, Six says to self: "Now, you just wait, before the week's over, those clods who call themselves commentators will use this little offing of a third-rate serial killer as cannon fodder to say something as reprehensible as possible about liberals, progressives, and anyone who's not bought hook, line and sinker into the facism deal."

As I said, set my watch dead to the picosecond, and we're led off by dear old fatso El Oxycondo hisself, reeling and spewing his typica green sputum all over the place. "Democrats are crying in their beer over this guy's death!"

Add to him the usual bull handed out by Mike "Paranoia" Gallagher, who, also, decided the time was ripe to pour poop on those who disagree and clearly with Il Douchbag's phony-baloney conflict.

Gee, you'd think the Christo-fascist crowd would be cumming, eh? Absolutely not, as they define the term "sore winner": They aren't happy unless they can imagine up anything that is used to annoy we Dems.

For the record, oh, apologists of the lost cause, allow me to enlighten you: I careth not. Zar-whatzit was not the icon of terrorism, but a third-rate hit man working a free-lance option. Pay attention here: The word, obviously not from Christo-fascist Media, Inc, was that the little dope was ratted out. Some war hero, eh?

Not the apologists: The overall tone these last couple of days? I think they will miss him, I really do. Now, who do they have to blame for the insurgency? Us? A nation hell-bent on becoming the very next USSR?

Especially Gallagher, I mean, this guy should ditch his radio show and become a preacher, he's that, um, well, I don't have a term for someone who bleats and postures like he's summoning the masses to come forward and get their redemption at $9.95 a square yard, so...

Still, set my watch. Thank you. And back to another day in fascist America we go.