The Blogging Party?

Sunday, June 11, 2006 at 07:17 AM

As you may or may not know, one of the A-list blogs, Daily Kos is holding a convention in Sin City, USA....

What's interesting is that others, other than the blogging community, are actually paying attention to this gathering. For example: The New York Times is actually covering the event, imagine that, considering the mutual hate of the blogs and MSM, of course.

And yet?

As became clear from the rather large and diverse crowd here, the blogosphere has become for the left what talk radio has been for the right: a way of organizing and communicating to supporters. Blogging is nowhere near the force among Republicans as it is among Democrats, and talk radio is a much more effective tool for Republicans.

Yathink? And, unlike the AM radio Christofascist rantings, bloggers, are by far, a community. We talk to each other, yell at each other, on and on. We exchange ideas, link. The AM dial crowd gets their marching orders direct from RNC, sanitized, homogenized and repeated over and over until some dumb sheepie thinks its a genuine thought, which it ain't.

Ergo, with blogging, it's like, oh, golly, those old timey days way back some 200 years ago, when some sat around and bitched and kvetched...and declared total war on King George, eh?

Yep. In a weird way, bloggers are a new brand of caucus. We're discussing everything in order to effect a major change.

Stranger still, it's pretty darned nice to see the Dems leaning our direction for a change. DNC chairman Howard Dean spoke to the gathering, in effect, begging for some support. Support, eh?

"Both parties have failed us," Mr. Moulitsas said. "Republicans have failed us because they can't govern. Democrats have failed because they can't get elected. So now it's our turn."

The implication to Kos' statement: This may be the beginning of a real third party, sports fans, The Blogger Party. Rife with those who are, well, heck, read any of my posts, Lee's, and of course, all the other rantings all over the blogosphere.

To that, our "platform" ain't no goddamned "business as always", it would appear. The theme of all the blogs I keep up with? Out of Iraq, soldiers home, nuking corporate welfare, gay rights, REAL health care, jobs, fixing global warming and just maybe a beer at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, Kos is correct: The Christofascists are too damned busy fiddling while America burns, while the Dems, well, despite nice tries by some like Russ Feingold, Murtha, we still may have to deal with the fact that the party may well nominate a real loser for 2008....Hillary. Too, find me a Democrat outside of me (registered) who actually believes the Diebold vote-fixing mess as legitimate. Go on, I'll wait right here.

If anything, if this is, indeed, the makings of a whole new party, I relish the idea madly. Why?

Oh, just that nagging feeling I have, based on my education of how democracy is theoretically supposed to work, stuff like that, y'know? Where government bows to the voters and not the other way around? Yeah, that's the ticket.

Of course, at this point, it then becomes wait-n-see what takes. If the Democrats want our support, as some are saying, they'd best learn to kick ass and take names, and yes, no more SOP the way it's been done since, well, since anyone can bother to deal with.

Then again, we could well create petitions, find our own candidates and see what flies. That would tickle me silly. What then, would we do with the other two parties?

Ignore them, of course.