Oops! Did FCC Mean To Hurt Broadcasters?

Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 09:19 AM

An old saw still rings true: "If you want it done horribly, have Washington do it...."

Neat piece from CNN's money site. Read it, the gag isn't that funny.

Point? By boosting the fines for indecency (uh-huh yeahright, dudes...), the FCC has put a wedge between "broadcasters" and their cable and satellite competitors...as if they didn't need more competition?

As it currently stands, if I was to, oh, stand up on Meet The Press and roll off a few "Karl Rove can suck my cock!", or other Christofascist blasphemies, well, NBC may get hit with a megadollar fine.

But not if I do that on HBO. Or on Sirius Radio. Get it now?

I love it. Typical Christofascist meddling. We cannot show a part of a woman's anatomy on the tube, but, hey, let's tune in The Sopranos, and how many times per ep do we get those seven dirty words hurled around?

Thus, by double-reverse-default, the Dumbush Regime, basically, is vamping for the cable crowd, the satellite kids, and pooping on over-the-air broadcasters. As the FCC doesn't seem to do doodly about cable, satellite, or the net, poor old broadcasting takes it on the chin, and with fines now around $300,000 per incident.

Got to hand it to those fun-loving Christofascists, eh?