Why Does Big Oil Hate America So Much?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 02:43 AM

Open mouth, insert foot, apply welding rod and current. Seems Crooks and Liars has a cute clip.....

"I think energy independence is going too far..."

Yes, watch the whole thing. The head of Shell said that. Obviously, this creep's taking lessons from Lee Raymond on Public Speaking For Fascists.

Okay, kids, now, add them to your list of gas stations to avoid like the plague. Compare such crap to Marie Antoinette and some of her better witticisms, eh?

No. It won't help the economy. Or is just me and Lee who realize...how much money do we export every day to obtain this one imported thing, pray tell? Bad enough we lose jobs, out balance-of-trade is already shot to hell, and most don't realize one big ticket item is oil?

I love stuff like this. Without saying so, what they really say? "We want you all to continue to fork over money to us, you foolish ones."

And the clock ticks...