To learn to pray the right way, just send $$$

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 04:07 PM

Nothing is more amusing in a sickening kind of way than a blatant religious rip-off.  Which is just what we got here, folks.

A site calling itself the 7 great prayers offers up a great deal on "PRAYER POWER For Financial Blessings"

From the site:

You've just found the most powerful prayer tool  on Earth for Financial Blessings... Prayer Power® audio technology!

For Financial Blessings

 Have you been searching for a way to think and pray that really works for bringing Financial Blessings into your life?

Are you tired of praying only to have your Financial Prayers remained unanswered?

Are you ready right now to begin dramatically accelerating your mental ability to connect with God and start living a RICHER life?

 Backed by proven results for thousands of users - our proprietary Prayer Power audio technology - placed on CD's with soothing baroque classical music  - will help you get results faster and with less effort than you ever dreamed possible...  


You can get more than one product, of course; some may even be "free" as long as you buy others.  A real doozy is the PROSPERITY GUIDEBOOK, where you can learn:

Your right to be RICH

The Science of Getting RICH

How RICHES Come to You

The Power of Gratitude

How to Use the Power of Your Will

How to Take Action To Achieve Your Financial Goals

The Law of Increase

That's right, folks, you don't have a right to a job or a right to health care, or even a right to vote with confidence in the integrity of the voting system.  But you do have a "right to be RICH"

Foolish poor people!  Don't know their own rights.