When In Doubt, Plead To Being Stupid

Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 03:46 AM

Oh, look! Rick Santorum showing off his gullibility again......

Oh, yeah, had to happen, as he's so low in the polls, him and the other Christofascists trying hard not to lose their grip on power. This yarn, of course, will be played well by El Oxycondo and Hammity, no doubt.

Despite DOD saying, "No, that is not correct.", despite the fact that no team has, to date, found anything whatsoever to back up Chimpy's whopper-class lie of such.

Soooooooooooooo? Why is Rick using this bad bit of data? Sheer desperation, that's all, kids. He's not liked anymore. There's a great chance he and the other fascist members of Congress (or should that be Politburo?) will be sent packing for the house. Santorum, time and time again, each time he opens his mouth, well, he proves himself so excellent at tasting his ankles.

Unlike others who are, well, at the least, turning slightly into another direction, Rick seems determined to stand at the bridge and gulp deep the icy waters as the SS Republican Party slides into the drink.

I know, we need more torpedoes. Maybe not, Santorum seems to be able load them in...backwards!!!