Rove's Fall Lineup: Fear, Trepidation And More Of The Same

Friday, June 23, 2006 at 06:39 PM

Many are currently attempting to forecast what Residential Advisor Karl "Lex Luthor" Rove has in mind for the fall elections, and so far, based on some stuff he's told folks, look for more of the same....

The bad part? It just might work.

According to many pieces, well, let's start off with this one from The Washington Post. The deal will be, oh, yas, more of the same scare tactics we saw last time. Said scare tactics, if one recalls, did work.

But, there are many factors to consider this time: The endless scandals, how the social security reforms just backfired, and yes, the fact that the polls show so clearly: We voters want our kids home, now, got it? Such then suggests an uphill battle shaping up.

Then, there's Jesse Jackson's take on Rove's blueprints.

With the president and the DeLay Congress about as popular as big oil CEOs, the RNC is desperate to demonize Democrats. So they cooked up a campaign claiming that if Democrats win the House, Conyers is geared up to impeach the president. This threat, they suggest, will rouse the disaffected Republican base and bring them out to vote in large numbers.

Well, that worked before, to a point, and at this moment, you can't turn on stuff like Nazi Party Radio, Faux News, whatever and not hear it over and over and over and over, we libs are pals with Al Qaeda, yada, yada and more yada. Of course, we are...ahem...cut-n-run kids.

(But ask any accountant what "cutting your losses" means, eh?)

The "hat trick", according to Jesse, is to point out that, if we Dems grab the house, that parks Conyers at a place where impeachement can truly get rolling. The hope, of course, is that this can be used as a "let's save our Prez!" deal.

Jackson thinks that might well backfire. Considering the overt popularity of Bush, Cheney, the Regime, and the Rubberstamp Congress, well, I think he's got a point there: Armed with enough citizen anger, the Rethugs may go down to a bloody loss.

I'd say let the RNC run the fall election on the issue of saving Bush's neck. ''This election isn't about you,'' Republican candidates would say, ''or your jobs, your skyrocketing health care and gas costs or your stagnant incomes. And it's not about the country being mired in a costly occupation of Iraq, saddled with record foreign debt, accelerating outsourcing and a $1 trillion trade deficit this year alone. No, this election is about George Bush. Vote to protect him and Dick Cheney from accountability. Vote Republican. We may not do much for you, but we'll keep George Bush and Dick Cheney above the law.''

True, that may well be the thrust, yes, but spun appropriately by the Christofascist Apologists, such as El Oxycondo, well, again, it just might work. You and I know the truth to that: That is the general idea, as once said by Mel Brooks, "Gentlemen! We must save our phoney-baloney jobs!"

But, as many point out, including Jackson, a lot of the strategy working will depend on the counteroffensive of the DNC. The old pilot's rule comes to mind: "You got a crosswind of X amount of mph, the question then, is, how much rudder do we kick in?"

I personally think Rove will be counting on the same-old-DNC stuff to take place, and if that is the case, well, time to call US Airways and see about seats for the next flight to Canada. Other than Murtha, a peep or two from Kerry, and Feingold's frustrated attempts to kick tail and take names, the major control center of the DNC is...roll over and play dead.

Thus, if this is the case, well, Rove doesn't need any strategy. Just run the same campaign all over again, appease the fundies, make tears well in the eyes of the Mike Gallagher crowd, and wave the flag. Oh, and mention Al Qaeda a few billion bazillion megadillion more times.

Then, we get more Santorum, Frist, more bowing and scraping, more Christofascism. More of the same trite, idiotic nonsense. More Shlub grinning at being Il Douchebag.

And we might just get those concentration camps, too....