UFO's, ESP, The Paranormal and now? WMD's

Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 05:27 AM

Despite the fact that stories like this just kill me, it does explain something....sort of....

There are still way too many goofs around these days who really, really, really believe old Saddam had WMD's. Really.

Like the person mentioned in the article. Former inspector. Went home empty-handed, like they all did. Yet, believes, "we didn't search everywhere". Bunkers, he swears, we didn't touch.

Explanation? It's the old "If the facts do not conform to our theory, throw out said facts."

Me, I use Bohr's method: "Just study the facts closely, the theory will compose itself."

Fact: We've looked high, we've looked low. We searched here, we searched there. We sent in experts in the field of everything, nuclear, chemical, biowarfare. What did we find?

Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Oh, we did find a mobile potty, wow, that was....dumb.

I liken folks like this to those crazed kooks who'll tell you...with a straight face...that they once worked for the mysterious Area 51, and that there are alien spacecraft there. My problem is, I hear stuff like that and I start snickering like a madman. Why?

"I demand proof. Show me one. I wish to see this alien spacecraft inches from my nose, I wish to examine it for myself."

So, this guy and others like Hans Blix walk away with nothing of value. A sort of "We suspected as much."

Not exactly: That does weigh in hard as evidence to one theory of mention...Bush is a goddamned liar.

That, I can firmly believe.