Working for the federal gov't used to be a good job

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 05:14 PM

In times past, getting a good "government job" with the feds was considered quite an achievement, one that would usually provide the lucky employee with a long term, even lifetime, job of some satisfaction. Then....

Working largely behind the scenes, via a combination of executive power over federal agencies and a compliant Republican congress, our fearless leader has wreaked real change on the nature, function, and structure of the federal government.

What's it like to work for the feds now? Check out these federal worker surveys compiled by the publication Federal Times:

Is staffing at your office adequate?
Badly understaffed 51%
Slightly understaffed 28
Adequately staffed 11
Overstaffed 10

How long they expect to work after they are eligible to retire?
None 41%
One 6%
Two 8%
Three 8%
Four 6%
5 or more 31%
Responses: 813

Do you think speaking candidly to the media about workplace issues or your job would endanger your career?
Definitely 92%
Don't think so 4
Unsure 3
Responses: 689

Have you seen an increase in the number of contractor employees working at your office in the last three years?
Yes, a big increase 59%
Yes, a small increase 22%
No 18%
Responses: 479

How would you rate your agency's security of citizens' personal data?
Excellent 12%
Good 22
Needs Improvement 34
Terrible 32
402 total responses

Do you like the idea of having your medical records accessible online?
Yes 26%
No 64%
Unsure 10%
Total votes 504

Should Michael Chertoff resign as secretary of the Homeland Security Department?
Yes 71%
No 21
Unsure 8

Federal employees in the 21st century: secure no more in their employment, their compensation, the privacy of their records, or the quality of their leadership.

Sounds just like the rest of us. Except they used to have it better than most.