Watching The Watchers Dropping Out Of "Advertise Liberally"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 10:24 PM

If you look to the left of this, you will notice that the "Advertise Liberally" logo that was there has been removed. Here's why: I can't in good conscience be a member of an Ad network that is run by a political action comittee. It's just not in my nature.

BlogPAC was started as a way to "Wage Politics Online", and has several different people on it's "advisory board". All are bloggers, which makes sense.

The Advertise Liberally network at is run by Chris Bowers of BlogPAC is not affiliated on the surface with Advertise Liberally at all, until one takes a look a little deeper.

An anonymouse tipster tells us that the board of directors of BlogPAC consists of two people: Markos of dailykos and Jerome Armstrong of MyDD, Markos serving as President and Jerome as treasurer.

Now add in Chris Bowers of, who controls the Advertise Liberally Network, and is one of the bloggers on MyDD along with Armstrong.

And then people start sending me emails. They start talking about how Kos controls Advertise Liberally as well as BlogPAC, and requests for information from Bowers and Kos are denied, with Kos using the kind of language I normally reserve for my rants about Bush.

There is something fishy going on at BlogPAC, and I intend to get to the bottom of it, if I can. I already have a ton of information I am sitting on, with more coming from FOIA requests and more digging.

Since I found out about the possible legal issues of being involved with a PAC as my advertising network, I decided to withdraw Watching the Watchers from Advertise Liberally.

There will be more coming, I just wanted to give a head's up on why I took the logo down.