The Gordian Knot of Kouri Logic

Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 05:07 PM

I've written about Jim Kouri before, and unfortunately feel the need to so it again.

You know what you're getting when a web site names itself "The Conservative Voice," but Kouri's recent piece there on Ann Coulter is as abominable as Coulter herself.  After indulging his usual pro forma critique of the insane Coulter comments to demonstrate his own reasonableness, he launches into his real point that Coulter just went a little too far, but really does have us crazy liberals pegged:

One of her major assertions is that as a rule Democrats will always side with murderers, robbers and terrorists. They don't side with rapists only because the crime of rape provides an opportunity to score points with feminists while denigrating white males. Unless, that is, the rapist happens to be black and the victim white, in which case they will side with the rapist because it allows them to indulge in race politics and utter soundbites about lynchings in the south.

It appears the Dems are unintentionally proving Coulter's point during the Israeli battle against arguably the most powerful terrorist group on the planet, Hezbollah.

For instance, Senate Democratic leaders on Friday demanded that President George W. Bush dispatch "a high-level special envoy" to the Middle East to work with allies and negotiate an end to the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah terrorists who are using civilians as shields in Lebanon.

So a new low, from a man and a movement that knows low so well.  Now seeking to end hostilities to save innocent people amounts to supporting terrorists.  Why?

Why would the president wish to broker a cease-fire against a terrorist group that not only kills Jews, but also killed over 240 US Marines stationed in Lebanon as peacekeepers in 1983?

If anything, President Bush should be concerned about the Israelis having enough ammunition, bombs, rockets, missiles, tanks and planes. That's the kind of engagement necessary to send those religious cutthroats to their 72 virgins.

"Hi there, Ehud. It's George. You got enough ammo and equipment? Good. Well let me know if you need anything. Wait... Ehud. How about some of our bunker busters?"

And, since Mr. Kouri seems to lack originality as well as judgment, ethics, and reason, he offers up another little nugget for the mindless:

The major media organizations, which we all know are lapdogs for the liberal politicians, are bombarding the American people with the key talking point that the Democrats support Israel.

If I was Olbermann, I'd certainly offer up Mr. Kouri as today's Worst Person in the World.  But I think both he and his mindmate Ms. Coulter are actually worse than that.

I'm at a loss for words to describe this level of sickness.  If you can think of any, let me know.