I seem to have really pissed off Chris Bowers

Thursday, August 11, 2005 at 09:23 PM

Or his handlers. Hell, who knows? I sent Chris an email asking to be removed from the "Advertise Liberally" network, because of the possibility of being involved in a PAC in a backhand kind of way. Text after the break.

Here is the email I sent Chris:

Please remove me from the list of Advertise Liberally blogs. I have done some research and feel that there might be legal issues that arise from being in an ad network that serves as part of a political action committee. I thank you for including my blog in your network, and I wish you all the best.


I dunno, you decide if I was rude or obnoxious or whatever, but I thought I asked nicely.

I thought Chris, who has been nice enough up until now, would simply remove me and go on with his life. He's very busy with many things, not the least of which is running for office. Instead, I seem to have made him very, very angry.

This is the email I received in response:

If by "research" you mean talked to a certain blogger who will go unnamed, that's fine. Of course, there is a public article about the network today in the Blogometer: http://blogometer.nationaljournal.com/ "The model for each network is identical. Earlier this year, Copeland approached Philly-based MyDD contributor Chris Bowers about setting up the network. Last month, Copeland approached NC's John Hawkins, founder of the blog Right Wing News and news board Conservative Grapevine message board. In each case Copeland turned the organization and administration over to each administrator. Bowers and Hawkins each compiled lists of bloggers with a potential interest in each network. So far Hawkins has done this on his own, whereas Bowers has relied upon informal advice from BlogPAC, an org. involving some of the best-known liberal bloggers. Both serve on an unpaid basis, although each were granted the privilege of sponsoring new BlogAds members -- currently the only to participate is by invitation." If you are disturbed by my being unpaid to do this, or by asking some friends of mine on the BlogPac board for advice, fine. Of course, since I am on the baord myself, even if I didn't ask for their adivce certain people would conclude their was a conflict of interest yesterday. You will be removed after the blogads site starts working again. Chris

Fair enough, that's wasn't all that bad, and I completely understand his point of view. Unfortunately, the son of a bitch does not respect mine, when all I wanted to do was get out of the goddamned network, not deal with a bunch of bullshit.

And so, his comment on my post yesterday, about dropping out of the network, included swearing, ranting, threats, and general nastiness. Not what I had really expected. My feeling isn't hurt, no worries there, but it does define for me what the blogosphere has really become, another bullshit political game run by the few who get rich (oh yes, Bowers does make money playing this game, make no mistake), on the backs of the many.

And so I have definitely reached some kind of pinnacle in this hobby of mine, blogging for the $150 a month or so blogads brings in: I have been threatened by an A-lister! Woo hoo!

And if telling the truth gives the right wing ammo, Chris, I think maybe that's just too fucking bad. Perhaps the people who are supposed to represent the left need to keep their fucking noses clean, rather than ask people who have suspicions to shut the fuck up.

There is only one thing I would really like to respond to in his comment on my last post, and that is my official blacklisting:

Its sad taht this will permanently damage your place within that blogopshere. I had a lot fo hope for this site, and I tried to support it. No more.
And my response is simple enough: Who the fuck do you think you are? You don't control this blog, or the blogosphere. The people who read blogs do.

No matter, I am officially blacklisted, which confirms the worst suspicions of myself and other bloggers such as Ron Brynaert about what happens to liberal bloggers who don't toe the fucking line.

I intend to wear it like a badge of honor.