Anatomy Of A Disaster

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 at 04:40 AM

As I recuperate from surgery, it's given me some time to collect some thoughts on many things, among them, well, to understand where I'm going with this, you have to take a short course in flying an airplane...

When learning to handle an airplane, you spend a lot of time covering the "don'ts" and "this can get you killed fast!" stuff. Among these things to avoid like the plague, a thing called The Graveyard Spiral.

During instrument flight, a pilot can let the bird get into a nose-down and turning condition. Airspeed builds pretty rapidly. A smart pilot rocks the stick to the other direction to end the banking, reduces throttle and then gently eases the nose back to a level attitude.

Some panic, however, and pull back hard on the stick. This only tightens the spiral, increasing roll speed, airspeed, and the end result is the biggest fucking boom you'll experience, as you, airplane and ground meet at high speed.

I use the term, then, to indicate what happens when someone, in a nose-down banked-condition high-airspeed mode, decides to pull back hard on the wheel.

And our not-so-beloved regime in power? The stick is now in the crotch.

Let's face it. The PNAC fantasy is like the plot of most XXX-rated videos: Works only in another universe, but rarely, almost never, here. Their goals? Read between the lines of their stuff; to take all the oil we so want, to dominate the entire planet with Americana, and to create a marketplace for cheap goods, cheap labor.

Chimpy's refusal to collar Israel is said proof. Any idiot can now see that Israel's Klingon-grade bloodfeud doesn't have poop to do with combatting terrorism: It's about continuing the PNAC fantasy to the end.

Already, we're seeing that Syria is about ready to join in. Lovely. Now, we're looking hard at the beginnings of a genuine Third World War, eh?

We also know that our continued presence in Iraq has just upped the ante. The insurgency is hell-bent for anything, and recruitment, we are told, is at warp. Hezbollah, aided by both Syria and Iran, will now receive same. In other words, our standing back, doing nothing, yet financially supporting Israel is just yanking back on the stick even more.

As Syria, Iran, and anyone else leaps in, the airspeed increases. We pull back harder. See how this works?

Meanwhile, the neocons and their religious fruitcake bretheren are so delighted at Chimpy's "hands off" stance. Of course they are: It's all about getting our hands on oil, a global marketplace, and allowing the fundies to prepare for their fictional Rapture to take place.

In other words? We've a suicidal pilot at the yoke, we are nose down, banked hard right, and the airspeed indicator, well, that is not the green arc anymore. When we reach the red line, well, expect either the wings to snap, or a really big boom as America piles it in.

World War Three. Featuring gas at $50 a gallon, if it can be had, but that's nothing to worry about, let's worry more about fallout...from Israel tossing nuclear weapons in desperation at her "enemies". Let's concern ourselves, then, with the potential for the sort of devastation only hinted at by dark scenarios. What appears to be a fracas now? May well be on the way to total armageddon.

But, that will only make the ChristCo crowd delighted, as we've seen, they're ready for utter annihilation. The war hawks, too, are ready to sell more weapons, to kill more humans.

And we, the innocent, will pay the price for a nightmare.