The Six Saga: Guess What I Got For My Birthday?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 at 06:58 AM

I haven't made a diary entry in a long time, and since some have been asking, thought I'd park it all here....

Okay, long story made short, minus gruesome shit: Melanoma. I had a mole cut off, we did a biopsy. Not good, yes, but not bad, either.

But, I now sport a 4" scar behind my neck, replete with enough stitchwork to qualify as a football. Poor footballs! Why? Because more tissue had to be removed, that's why.

Now, don't start cranking your stomach acids. Please, don't. I've already gone the panic route, it was fucking embarrassing, but to be told this, well, let's put it this way: I would not wish this on any human. Even Chimpy. Gee, I am that nice.

And no, please, no, no, no! No links to pages, okay? I'm overinformed as it is. Worried? Of course I am, but, it must be taken with diligence, of course. There are some tests ahead, further check-ups, that sort of thing. The opinion of all the pros so far: Cleared to maintain FL340.

The bad part? Telling folks. God, it's unbelievable the reactions I've gotten to date, ranging from pity (keep it!), to outright, well, whatever. One thing it has done? It's shown me so far the very few folks I'd deem genuinely Christian, as they all have made offers out the wazoo. Including prayers. Just about made me bawl at hearing that.

All that said, you know me, mean is my middle name. I am optimistic, and must be. I'll make it, giving up is for Rethugs and neocons, of course. I've many friends who have survived this and are still pissing off others so well, I intend to join them.

That said, your blessings, good wishes, prayers are always welcome. Now, back to our regularly scheduled rantings!!!!