M. A. D.

Saturday, August 13, 2005 at 03:28 PM

According to the blogosphere, the latest elected Repub is about to unleash legal armageddon.

Well, of course, it depends on how accurate this is, but according to some, soon-to-be Rep Schmidt, recently elected by the braindead of Ohio, wants to introduce legislation holding responsible those hosts who allow "lies" to be published on the web.

At first, it stinks, smelling like another attempt by the Republinazi's to further their cute cause of total data control, to make sure their exists no voice of dissent anywhere, especially here in the ethereal realm of the blogosphere.

But, if this is true, she is about to unleash most of this...back at the very right themselves!

Thus, the old doomsday acronym comes to mind: MAD...Mutually Assured Destruction.

Meaning? Well, let's pick on Free Republic, and how they seem to love publishing stuff that has no sense of reality to any of it. Now, imagine someone bringing them up on charges. Add the Swifties, Limbaugh's own page (which is a blog, of course), Malkin, Hannity, and golly gosh...can you imagine the court time tied up with this insanity???

In other words, Ms. Schmidt had better think again about making a law that is the equivalent of handing everyone 50 gigatons of nuclear power. Someone sues Democratic Underground, but then a counter-assault lands on a freeper blog. On and on and on and on, and in court, of course, each "lie" will be exposed, studied, dealt with and guess what?

Well, it'll be quieter, that's for sure...minus all those right-wing blogs!

Oh, well, ya get what ya pay for, neo-cons, next time, a politician with some semblance of sanity would be nice.