Senate Repub leadership issues 91 pages of "Malice in Blunderland"

Friday, August 04, 2006 at 05:43 PM

Raw story has obtained a 91-page fantasy put together by the Senate Republican leadership duo of Rick Santorum, Chairman and Kay Bailey Hutchison, Vice Chairman.  It's called "August 2006 Recess Themes: Securing America's Future," and is designed to give Senate Repubs a bunch of coordinated talking points during the Senate's recess (see, the Senators go home then, and have a chance to spread the propaganda directly to their constituents, not just to the propaganda outlets in D.C.).

It's more of the "up is down" crap to which we've all grown sickeningly accustomed, with variations of "down is up."

A few examples will give you the idea, but it's worth the emetic value of browsing through the entire PR brochure.

1. From page 12:

Tax & Spend Democrats block tax relief for American families, oppose securing retirement for our seniors, and support policies that will kill American jobs.

  • Democrats block permanent repeal of the Death Tax. This unfair double-tax destroys 100,000 jobs each year and punishes family farms for saving and leaving something for their children.
  • Democrats block saving Social Security for America's seniors, and voted to continue raiding Social Security's trust fund to pay for wasteful spending.
  • Democrats opposed the Deficit Reduction Act that eliminates wasteful spending will save taxpayers $100 billion over the next 10 years.
  • Democrats oppose Fair Trade agreements that create American jobs, help American businesses compete on a level playing field in the global economy, and lower costs to American consumers.
  • Democrats block the line item veto which would give the President leverage to cut wasteful programs, government spending continues to increase and drain our economy of capital that can be used to create jobs and increase wages.

So there you have the down is up:  the inheritance tax "destroys 100,000 jobs each year" but "Fair Trade agreements..create American jobs."  How are you enjoying your job created by a fair trade agreement?  That's a hell of a lot of nerve coming right after the news about the outsourcing study the Repub tried to keep secret.

2. From page 18 (emphasis definitely added):

The biggest issue facing our country and our children's future is a war. Not, as so many describe it, the War on Terror. Not the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the world war, which at its heart is just like the previous three global struggles. We have mobilized to win other world wars. We fought against European tyrants and their  allies, from the Kaiser to Hitler to Lenin, Stalin, and their heirs. We fought them because we knew that our  survival was a stake. The tyrants would never stop attacking until they had defeated us, or we had defeated them. Our enemy today is doing his utmost to kill us, because of who we are, wherever we are, at home or overseas. That is why we will do whatever we can - including diplomatic, intelligence, financial, and law enforcement activities - to protect the homeland, disrupt terrorist operations, and deprive our enemies of what they need to operate and survive.

Well, there you have some good old "down is up." We appear to have entered WW IV, against some pretty nasty enemies, who hate us for what we are, wherever we are and, by God, this nameless war against the unnamed enemy is "just like" the previous World Wars.  You can tell by the massive military draft, the food and material rationing, the transfer of our manufacturing power from civilian to military purposes, and so on.

3. From page 13:

* Democrats voiced opposition to NSA Terrorist Surveillance programs that are critical to stopping future attacks, leading to a partisan censure motion against the President.
* Democrats block efforts to end the failed practice of catch & release of illegal immigrants.

Whoa! "Voiced opposition," you say! Damn traitors!  Voice their damn opposition again and see what happens to them in this democracy, where we treasure our rights to freedom of speech and protest, where we love our inviolable right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure.  Lousy Democrats, voice your opposition again and I'll show you some serious seizure.

I think there's a song there, somewhere.  Goes something like:

"Over, under, sideways, down.  Backward, forward, square around.  When will it end? When will it end."

Let's hope the answer is November, 2006.