Neal Boortz, certified dunce

Saturday, August 05, 2006 at 04:39 PM

Every shill should have an apprentice, don't you think?  Well, O'Reilly has one in Neal Boortz, the talk show host and all-round blithering dunce.

There must be something about August.  In August of last year, Shill O'Reilly made his famous speech about how only the addicted, the stupid and the mentally ill are poor in America.

Now comes Mr. Boortz in August this year to twice--honest--claim that only the biggest losers of all work for minimum wage in this country.

Episode 1: Neal Boortz, speaking on his 8/3/06 radio show:

I want you to think for a moment of how incompetent and stupid and worthless, how -- that's right, I used those words -- how incompetent, how ignorant, how worthless is an adult that can't earn more than the minimum wage? You have to really, really, really be a pretty pathetic human being to not be able to earn more than the human wage. Uh -- human, the minimum wage.

Episode 2: Neal Boortz, speaking on his 8/4/06 radio show:

If you are a grown adult in this country who is not suffering from some hideous physical or mental disability, and you are trying to raise children on the minimum wage, then you are a 100 percent pure unadulterated loser. And I am so sick and damned tired of all those left-wing bedwetters and sympathy pimps out there -- passing -- just moaning over these people who have squandered their American birthright by becoming just the dregs of socie[ty]-- and then -- I'm just so sick of it I could scream.

Okay, I'm a loser.  I worked minimum wage for at least two years after getting out of the Army in 1970.  And I have to say that the class of people I worked with during that time (and the subsequent 3 years when I made barely more than minimum wage) had ten times the class of the boorish Boortz, that elitist, condescending, privileged little shmuck who makes his living fomenting as much hatred as humanly possible.

Bet he's really really partial to brown shirts and shiny leather as he sucks down overpriced booze and recovers from his tremendously taxing day of running his mouth.