The White House Comedy Club

Monday, August 07, 2006 at 05:23 PM

If you wondered where tomorrow's absurdist comedians are coming from, quit wondering; the White House is a fertile training ground.

Two beauties from the White House:

1. From the White House web page on applying for a government appointment:


One of President Bush's top priorities is to select men and women of the greatest ability and highest ethical and professional integrity to serve in policymaking and key administrative positions in his administration.


The success of the Bush-Cheney administration will depend on the quality appointees we choose to join us to lead this nation in the years ahead.  I will look for people who are willing to work hard to do what is best for America, who examine the facts and do what is right whether or not it is popular.   I will look for people from across the country and from every walk of life.   I welcome all who are ready for this great challenge to apply.
              President George W. Bush

This is from the folks who appointed Michael Brown; Claude Allen, the former nominee to the Appeals Court arrested for stealing; David Safavian; Gayle Norton; the HUD guy who bragged about not giving a contract to someone critical of Bush; et cetera.

2. From the web site of Helping America's Youth (HAY), which appears to be a White House program developed by or with the help of Laura Bush:

Students who have difficulty learning to read will have a greater chance of school failure.....

Hmmm. Wonder how they figured that out.