Shh! Quiet! I'm trying to listen to reason!

Monday, August 15, 2005 at 12:25 PM

Dammit! Er, I mean, shucky-darn! I missed Justice Sunday II.

I really wanted to catch it to see what wisdom good Christian boys like Tom DeLay had to spread to the masses.

Alas, I am forced to read news stories that describe it secondhand, rather than watching it on my own. (Not my fault I missed it; the Cubs were playing.)

According to this report from Reuters, Christian conservative leaders and U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay rallied to condemn "activist judges" and heap praise on Geedubya's nominee for the Supreme Court, John Roberts.

I personally have not yet formed an opinion on John Roberts. I mean, I've read stuff, but nothing convinces me that he should or should not be a Supreme Court justice. Other than the fact that Geedubya nominated him, that is...

Televised to churches across the country and broadcast over the Internet, "Justice Sunday II: God Save the United States and This Honorable Court" was co-sponsored by the prominent Christian conservative groups Family Research Center and Focus on the Family.

Speaking from the pulpit, DeLay, a Texas Republican, decried what he called "the judicial autocracy" that was "casting aside moral values" to rewrite the law instead of interpreting it.

DeLay praised Roberts as someone who is "intelligent, judicious and open-minded and I think he understands the critical but limited role of the courts."

I wonder what John Roberts would think of all of Tom DeLay's alleged ethics violations? That'd be something I'd be interested in hearing about! Maybe one of you MSM reporters out there (although I know you probably don't read my blog) could ask him about that?

Dr. James Dobson, the head of Focus on the Family, said in a videotaped address projected onto a giant screen above the altar that Democrats such as Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy and other "minions on the left" would try to turn Roberts' upcoming senate confirmation process into a "circus."

Among the other speakers at the two-hour rally were Robert Bork, a conservative who was nominated for the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan but rejected by the Senate; the Catholic League's Bill Donohue, who proposed that all high court rulings overturning an act of Congress should be unanimous; and former Georgia Democratic senator turned Republican firebrand Zell Miller.

WTF was their point, anyway? Too much legislation from the bench? Judges "casting aside moral values" to rewrite the law? Where is this happening? By whom? Let's come up with some specifics, people. Your little sheeple out there may baa at your every utterance, but we intelligent beings like to have a little evidence before believing whatever we're told.

Oh, the listening to reason part mentioned in the title of this post? That comes here:

Several groups have voiced opposition to the rallies, especially some Christians critical of what they see as a mingling of religion and politics.

"We live in a complex society and theirs is a simplistic approach," said the Rev. Bill Sherman, a Baptist minister in nearby Fairview, Tennessee.

"To identify your church with a party, to push your agenda is not the proper function of the church. I don't like for any church to try to manipulate a political party. Politicians should be elected, not chosen by the church. There are plenty of Baptists who feel as I do and do not feel this is appropriate," he said.

Can I get an "Amen?" Somebody? Can I get a witness? Thank you Rev. Sherman!

The Mighty White Christian Right is still uptight, alright.