Stupid headline (and story) of the day

Saturday, August 12, 2006 at 05:08 PM

Journalism may be alive and well, but you wouldn't know it from this story. From the AP business beat:

Experts: Better care prevents oil leaks

Yup, that's the story.  If BP had taken better care of its pipelines, they probably wouldn't have their current problem with corroding pipelines in Alaska:

Technological improvements could help avert the severe corrosion and leaks that forced the partial shutdown of the nation's largest oil field, experts say, but the best way to prevent such problems in pipelines is to simply take better care of them.

BP PLC, which operates the Prudhoe Bay oil field, has conceded it made a mistake by not more closely inspecting the interior of the 29-year-old pipeline. The company had run a high-tech tool called a "smart pig" on the western side of the field 1998, but spokesman Ronnie Chappell Saturday said it had never done so on the eastern side where a leak was discovered a week ago.