Houston, We've Touched A Nerve

Monday, August 14, 2006 at 04:26 PM

Shazam! A whole week now, and the GOP is still fuming over the Ned Lamont win over Joe "Dino" Lieberman..........

First, from the one of beltway's pundits, ole Cal Thomas is hissing and pissing over the whole deal. Cal, sweetie, calling we Dems "The Taliban Wing" of the party now? Thanks, darling! Ooo, insults, I guess we Dems scored a touchdown!

But, wait THERE's MORE! Oh, yeah, even CNN's Chuck Roberts refers to Lamont as the "Al Qaeda candidate"!. Really, Chuck! Ooo, did we step on your tail, Chuckie?

Lessee, so far, Cheney (we expected that, he lives on Fantasy Island), Tony Snow (still keeping his Fox masters pleased), and now crap like this, eh?

Thomas and his screed:

What is wrong with Democrats? Can't they see that when the face of their party belongs to ultra-leftists like George McGovern, Michael Dukakis and John Kerry, they lose? For those who still believe not only in a strong two-party system, but also in compromise and conciliation in order to promote the general welfare and seek the common good, the Lieberman defeat strikes an especially harmful blow.

(At this point, imagine me howling with laughter....)

But, Cal's a point: We are taking a "no prisoners" attitude these days, and why not?

See, WTW fans, it's like this, the GOP is praying we will be nice, and offer "centrist" candidates who will roll over, play dead and do whatever the GOP dictates. The last thing they want...or need...is pure opposition.

Opposition. Meaning, we Dems are not the GOP's buddies, and why should we be? The GOP sold us all out, turned this nation into a crapfest, a laughingstock, and as of late, a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. And they want us to be nice?

No, they just can't use the term "progressive", and it sticks in their craws sideways. They cannot fathom those who can see further, higher, better, a world minus the influence of Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Money, a world where we are neighbors with everyone, and solve problems through cooperation and resolve.

And we must be effective at it so far: My God, listen to them howl about it!!