Those conservative priorities and values: sex above all

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 at 06:02 PM

Here's a great headline for the times, don't you think?

Conservatives Try to Curtail Hotel Porn

Yup, they're worried about all those X-rated movies travelers watch in their hotel and motel rooms.  Have to guard those sexual morals every minute you know.  That's important enough to draw the efforts of "A coalition of 13 conservative groups...including the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America..."

Here's a sampling of some other recent headlines that this devoted coalition apparently did not deem important enough to attract their efforts:

Poverty, flight hit urban schools

Widening income gap to wreak havoc on consumer confidence (subscription restricted)

Bankruptcies rise among 20-somethings

250,000 Arizona kids lack health insurance, but help is available

Health Insurance Beyond Reach of Many US Minorities

Ford studying more job cuts, plant closing to stem losses

Rising College Costs Could Price Some Out of Education

Undergraduates, universities must partner to combat rising student debt

New Outsourcing Hot Spots Emerging

Whistle-blower Lawsuit Alleges E-voting Fraud

Study Suggests New Link Between Air Pollution and Infant Deaths

The Culture of Corruption in American Politics

British Gen. Calls Iraq Mini 'Civil War'

So By God, you may not have a job, or health insurance, or a college education (or if you do, any end to your college loan), or clean air to breath, or Democracy itself, but YOU WILL be pure.

Nero fiddled, the religious right twiddled, but Rome, it burned all the same.