You don't need credit counselling, you need Christian credit counselling

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 at 05:28 PM

These days, businesses seem to see an immediate advantage to popping "Christian" in front of the description of services offered.  So now we have "Christian credit counseling" and "Christian debt consolidation."  As if being Christian changed the advice you're going to get.

For example, something called Family Life Credit Services  advertises:

We Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams!

We're Family Life Credit Services, a nationwide nonprofit Christian Financial Counseling agency founded in 1986.  Our Goal is to strengthen and encourage families and individuals through Christian faith-based financial counseling.  We offer programs geared at educating and financially strengthening individuals, families and communities.  We offer financial educational materials free of charge as well as the opportunity to work with a certified counselor in your area of need.

We offer a number of different programs which include: Credit Counseling, CreditWise, and First-Time Homebuyer Education and Workshops.  Family Life Credit Services also works with independent affiliates to provide additional services.

To complete the attempt at piety, the front page has a box where you can ask them to pray for you.

But, say, "non-profit" doesn't mean "no cost" now does it?  So what's the deal here?

This is:

What kind of fees will I be charged for FLCS's debt management program?
Your credit counseling is free. If you decide to begin the program there is a one time set-up fee never to exceed $50. There is then a monthly administrative fee based on your debt never to exceed $50 - no matter how much debt you have nor how many creditors.

That's very Christian of them.