Quotes of the day

Friday, September 01, 2006 at 04:59 PM

Its a bumper crop....

I thought President Bush was a godly man, but right now his mind has went south of the border.
Kaye Grogan, a religious right commentator in an article on the need for Republicans to get back to that "old time religion." (this is one of the few sane sentences in the piece)

...most of the Democrats consider Christians as right-wing co-conspirators and fanatics....
Kaye Grogan, again.

Republicans say that government is a cesspool of waste, fraud and abuse led by profligate liberals; then, once in power, they do their part to make sure that's true.
Margaret Carlson  in her yesterday column examining why "preachy" Republicans Behave So Badly.

What we have watched unfold for a few decades, I have argued, is a broad reversion to 19th-century political form, with free-market economics understood as the state of nature, plutocracy as the default social condition, and, enthroned as the nation's necessary vice, an institutionalized corruption surpassing anything we have seen for 80 years. All that is missing is a return to the gold standard and a war to Christianize the Philippines.
Thomas Frank, (Subscription required) in today's NY Times column.

"Iraq is tipping toward civil war.
Senator Jack Reed responding to today's Pentagon report to Congress on Iraq, and his own observations while recently in Iraq.