More Pants, More Fire

Saturday, September 02, 2006 at 08:50 AM

Thought they'd get away with it, eh? Seems that ABC is all set to air a "docudrama"....

Okay, you call it a docudrama. I will call it a pile of propaganda.

The "plot" is pretty simple. This neocon activist has penned a screenplay that basically says 911 was President Clinton's fault.

Worse, people are going to watch this and really believe that. Of course, nothing whatsoever will be mentioned to the fact that the outgoing Clinton aides handed the incoming stooges reams and reams and reams of stuff concerning Al Qaeda, now, will we see that mentioned?

Clinton's people seemed to have done a much better job. Remember those idiots who first bombed the garage of the tower? All behind bars, neat and tidy. Gee, how come Busholini can't do stuff like that?

Oh, well, seeing as ABC's ratings are lower than ever, let's help them out and not watch!