We Don't Care

Thursday, August 18, 2005 at 03:32 PM

Or, playing the part of the idiot all too well, of course.

Submitted for your approval: Here's so-called nationally-syndicated AM radio mouthpiece Mike Gallagher, who, for reasons that seem to escape logic, decided to pack himself and some of his "listeners" (read: Androids) and off they went to Camp Casey to confront Cindy Sheehan, offer their own version of a counter-protest, and thus, well, prove that Shlub has some supporters.

Some supporters.

"We Don't Care".

According to many sources, that was Mike and his crew's chant, over and over again, loud as a 747 on final approach: "We Don't Care."

Oh, Mike, you sweet, lovely fool. You total idiot. You complete moron. Had to go and remove all doubt, didn't you?

See, dude, too many of us libs, progressives, free thinkers and otherwise angry types have known for some time, suspected this of you and your breed, but, being as dumb as a bucket of rocks, you just had to go and prove such!

We knew all along that you do not care, all you did was open your yap and remove any lingering doubts that I and others may have had about you and your "agenda".

Let's peruse this, shall we? I enjoy needling, A~ says I'm good at that, being analytical and all, so, shall we? Why not?

See, Mike, we knew this all along, that despite your ranting, raving, blustering and yes, your choicest of bullshit, you don't give a fuck.

"But, we support the troops!".
No, you don't. You said "We don't care." Want me to have the court reporter read back your very words?

Actions, Mike, speak far louder than words, and by that, we knew it all along....you don't give a fuck about anything whatsoever, so long as you can have your pretend jobs, your pretend elections, your pretend deity, your pretend nationalism, your starship-sized vehicles and your pathetic everything, including your pathetic "leader".

See Mike, we know, if you really cared, instead of camping out in Crawford, you'd fucking mobilize you and your listeners to places like Ft. Jackson, Lackland, Great Lakes, Parris Island and enlist. If you really gave a shit, you'd be angry as hell at our troops owning less-than-optimal gear to get the job done.

You're just like your precious "leader"; you talk a good game, but your actions say it all: You do not give a flying goddamn about any fucking thing whatsoever.

Worse? You went and said so. Like Ramses, you opened your yapper and now, whatever doom comes is by your own dicate. I cring, I shake, I feel sick as hell inside, to hear anyone utter such loathsome vile as.... "We Don't Care."

Keep it in mind, Mike, you and the others like you: That will be your epitath. The tide is turning, finally, slowly, with much thanks to Cindy Sheehan for becoming the lightning rod that was sorely needed to point out what a goddamned coward Shlub is. The change we sorely need is now underway, and like the Tories of the Revolutionary War, your breed is going to swept aside, ignored and condemned to little more than a historic footnote as time marches forward.

Cry all you want, Mike, bitch, kvetch, moan, we now know it's all noise, like a pig farting. You said it yourself, sir, you do not care. What power you had is now evaporating, and now, armed with renewed resolve, armed with knowing you're that insipid as to truthfully reveal to us all what your real agenga is all about, well, dude, we're no longer shocked, nor suspecting.

We know now. We know you don't care. And that is going to be your doom.

Why? Because WE care, that's why. We care a lot, and from caring comes change. History nods a firm head to those who do, and are lunatic enough to do something with such. You? A bystander in history, Mike, too fucking bad.

God, what an epitath: We Don't Care. Ozymandias, where are you?