Conservative Media, Thank You

Wednesday, September 06, 2006 at 04:06 PM

Who keeps saying the MSM is still liberal? I'd love to know how that bit of rhetoric can even exist, especially in this last week...

First, there's CBS's debut of Katie Couric as the new anchor. What's Katie up to? An "exclusive" interview with Das Chimpenfuerher, and this evening's post, oh, golly, a sneak peak inside America's new ultra-secret counter-turrist agency, wherever it may be.

Here we go again. What's so liberal about letting the worst president in history have so much airtime? Worrying us even more this hush-hush agency that's keeping an eye on....well, they can't say, that stuff is secret, right?

I call it Pandering 101. A ratings grab, shill city. Why not can Katie and install Judith Miller instead, CBS?

Then, there's ABC, still pressing on with their extemely-slanted special on 911. Based entirely on already disproven lies and propaganda. Advance copies out to El Oxycondo, other Rethug Apologists, of course, but...why not one to Clinton? Albright?

It's all very simple: Both ABC and CBS are ratings whores both. They have to be: their cashflow depends on it. Anything to drag viewers in, of course, and sell those ads.

And both are displaying what we've come to know here at WTW: To get the big ratings, they both must shill like mad for a scam-ridden lying collage of jackasses, who, in turn, use the media as their PR machine. More fear, more fear, and did I mention more fear?

The idea is sheer desperation. The polls are showing more and more dislike and disgust with Rethugs, and what better way to attempt to retilt the scales with more fear and more lies?

ABC, especially gets the Bad Attempt At Pretending To Be Fox News award. Their 911 propapamentary is pure hogwash, but that's the idea, kids, to make those Dems look like cut-n-runners.

CBS? It now becomes clear. Minus Dan Rather, CBS can now tilt full right. The current panderfest itself is worthy of First Runnerup in the attempt at being just like Fox.

Liberal media? Hitler would be so proud!