A bad day at "GOP rock"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006 at 05:26 PM

Things just haven't been the same for the national Republicans since the slew of indictments, investigations, revelations, and bad war news.  For example, I doubt that Ken Mehlman can read this day's worth of headlines without feeling the need for just a few drinks, or some Pepto.

Intel plans to cut 10,500 jobs

US layoff announcements surged in August

Stay alert to signs that your job may be on its way out

Fading US economy should curb interest rates: CIBC

US disapproval of Bush nearing European levels

Bush Acknowledges Secret CIA Prisons

7 Labour MPs quit Blair government; demand PM set date for stepping down

Lobbying Probe Looks at Payments To DeLay's Wife

Indiana, Republican Bastion, May Favor Democrats in House Races

Republican candidates lash out at GOP tactics

Republicans face life in the twilight zone

Congressional Republicans In "Pure Political Mode"

Government Report Finds Healthcare Privacy Breaches Rampant

US Army Hiring Contractors To Sign Up Recruits