It's Rice's straw man, and she's sticking to it

Sunday, September 10, 2006 at 05:20 PM

On today's Face the Nation, Condoleezza Rice said:

The idea that somehow this was a peaceful relationship with Saddam Hussein, and if we had just let him be, the world would have been fine, I find is not a very sustainable argument.

Yeah, that's probably why no one has ever made that argument, Condy.  "The world would have been fine" is hardly what I've said, and I've heard no one else say it (granted I don't hang around insane asylums, so I guess there's always a chance...), but I'm sure it's a lot easier to make her talking points with the talking heads when she reframes the argument that way.

What every one has actually been saying, of course, is that getting rid of Saddam the way we did made the world worse.  The logical extension of that is NOT that the world would have been fine if Saddam stayed in power.

And just think, between Rice, Cheney, and Bush, Rice is supposed to be the intellectual and ethical one.