"He retorts, you decide" Right, Tony, Right!

Monday, September 25, 2006 at 04:12 PM

You can always tell when former Faux News mouthpiece and Rezidential Press Secretary (there is no difference!) Tony Snow opens his mouth and inserts his...whatever...

Usual Monday stuff, Snow is asked what he thought of the Clinton interview as hatched by Hannity wannabee Chris Wallace.

A reporter asked Snow, who used to work at Fox, today: "Any reaction to former President Clinton's comments on what he did about Osama bin Laden, compared to what's been done -- the Fox interview, especially? He kind of implied that he'd done more than had been done the first nine months [under Bush]. I wonder if there's any comment on that."

Snow answered: "Well, he retorts, you decide.

"It's my view that -- well, not my view. President Clinton clearly had strong feelings, but I'm going to let -- we're just not going to engage."

No, no mention of Wallace appearing on Hannity's afternoon Nazidrivel on AM radio, of course, crowing his head off about that interview being "exciting journalism". Chris, we all know, is chomping at the bit to win the Judith Miller Shill Award for 2006.

No, Snow didn't fire off any horns or throw confetti...