We Ain't Got THAT Much Money, Do We?

Monday, September 25, 2006 at 04:33 PM

Leave it to those clever and real journalists over at the British The Guardian to cover all the news once again...

Oh boy!

George Bush suffered a serious rebuke of his wartime leadership yesterday when his army chief said he did not have enough money to fight the war in Iraq.

Six weeks before midterm elections in which the war is a crucial issue, the protest from the army head, General Peter Schoomaker, exposes concerns within the US military about the strain of the war on Iraq, and growing tensions between uniformed personnel and the Pentagon chief, Donald Rumsfeld.

What, like Rummy being totally incompetent? Well, look his boss! See why?

For the past three years, the $400bn (£210bn) cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been funded by emergency spending bills passed by Congress. But Gen Schoomaker and others say the Iraq war has also put a severe strain on regular budgets. That puts the generals at odds with Mr Rumsfeld's strategic vision of a more nimble, hi-tech military. In addition, Congress and the White House have cut a number of army spending requests over the past months. "There is no sense in us submitting a budget that we can't execute, a broken budget," he told a Washington audience.

Can't fight what we cannot afford to fight, eh? Someone needs to send Bush and Rummy a report on how old King Louis did that...and the results of that spending, mmmmm?

As the war in Iraq continues with no sign of a reduction in US forces, military officials have repeatedly complained about the strain on personnel, and say they fear they may be forced to rely more heavily on the National Guard and reservists to meet the demands of overseas deployments. General John Abizaid, America's senior commander in the Middle East, said last week there was little chance of any drawing down of the 140,000 forces in Iraq before next spring.

You mean that ditch thing doesn't work? Gee.

Well, don't except Chimpy to listen. He hasn't so far, except to this voice in head he claims is God......