There Is No Afterlife, Take Two: I Calm Down

Saturday, September 30, 2006 at 01:39 AM

Oh, well, as they always say, live and learn. But what to learn? I just killed the first rant, I apologize, it was pure anger, but, well, considering the topic...

Let's do this from a better viewpoint shall we?

Whatever happened to owning the moral high ground, pray tell? Or is that now an obsolete concept?

I always found it painfully ironic: Those who tell everyone they know how loving and wonderful they are, often turn out to be vicious, churlish and damned monsters. We can easily say that of those pathetic fundies in our midst, one of which pretends to be Hitler as we speak, they are as disgusting as imaginable, as they talk about "love thy neighbor", but only on Sundays, so it would appear.

Our collective of wishy-washy representatives, as you've read here, elsewhere, just handed Chancellor Chimpy legal permission to torture in the holy name of the GWOT. Small problem: Such an edict is in total violation of the Geneva accords.

Funny, that Geneva deal. I seem to recall that was one of the big reasons why 7 Dec 1941 hurt so badly: The attack was in clear violation of the Geneva accords. The Ultimatum hit Cordell Hull's desk 53 minutes too late. It made us angry. Very angry.

But, this, this sign-off by congress, to allow this vapid drunk and his minions permission to do whatever it takes to wring out confessions from anyone...again...ANYONE...well, gee, looks like America has become the very thing we once fought a world war over: A nation of evil, a rogue nation, a nation ruled by despotry, not democracy. Liberty? It went with the three wise men for the coast.

Already, in a sort-of "I told ya so" moment, Al Qaeda is wagging their finger. This removes all doubt as far as they're concerned. This is not about liberation, or spreading democracy: This is truly a crusade, not so much to eliminate Islam, but to take anything we want without question, as we are supposed to be Earth's last superpower.

By reflection, this makes the work of the tenure of Bill Clinton shine now, as he worked "the peace dividend" far better, despite areas I personally have many misgivings over, but that's anything. Chancellor Bush? The Decider? I am fearful history will paint him with a brush that they tarred Hitler, the Khmer Rouge, Stalin: Yet another pathetic little man with a pathetic little dream that the rest of us see as a nightmare.

America, sadly, now says to the world: We don't care. We don't need to. Up yours, get in our way, we'll kill you, drown you, do stuff to you, got it?

I ask, is there really anything so worth becoming a rogue nation? Apparently so. Apparently the need for oil, for control is that great. The sick dream of PNAC now reads like Mein Kampf.

But, what happened to holding to a higher moral standard? America, for so long, used to be about showing that we don't stoop to such lows. Well, not anymore, such things as morality tend to get in the way of profits, power, control, dominance. The evil dream of evil men has taken away the better dream of fair treatment under law, liberty, due process and everything else this nation........used to be......about.

Imagine that. A nation of cut-throats, thieves, murderers, con artists, pimps, prostitutes, users and losers. We'd see such on the tube, in some faraway land.

No longer: The wolf is in the living room now.

Charles M Russell then composes the epitath: "There is no afterlife for a place that began as heaven."

Sorry, Chuck, there is such a place. Ask Lucifer S Morningstar what such a place is called, he will tell you.

No wonder it feels so damned hot.