Foleygate: More Dirty Laundry, Please

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 at 03:44 PM

Our darling news media hasn't forgotten one thing: They still act like sharks when blood hits the water, case in point, the still "developing" saga of Rep Mark Foley (Rethuglican)....

So far, lessee, he's resigned, the emails are all over the web for your...well...whatever, Denny Hastert is under fire for keeping this quiet for a year now, and what did our darling White Slum say about it?

"I fully support [House] Speaker Hastert's call for an investigation by law enforcement into this matter," said Mr. Bush.  "This investigation should be thorough and any violations should be prosecuted."

What's to investigate, pray tell? Many state laws clearly prohibit this material, my home state included. It's called "breaking the law". Again, what's to investigate?

I, and many others, want to know why Speaker Hastert felt this was "a House matter". Okay, so, like, who died and made him AG, I wonder?

The president went on to give a strong statement of support to House Speaker Hastert, saying he is sure the Republican lawmaker wants all the facts to come out and will cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

My way of seeing it? It's called aiding and abetting. A resignation isn't good enough, arrest and trial is a better option.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to at the least start the bailing process, Foley's attorney has disclosed that the poor man was molested as a kid, and is a closeted gay person.

Annnnnnnnnd, I ask sarcastically, and so? This is supposed to make me and others look the other way, pray tell? After all, didn't Foley sponsor legislation dealing with creeps that pester children for sex? Well? I'm asking!

And there is fear now in Mudville, I can't count the web and blogs all swearing "this is the end for the Rethugs at long last!". Is it?

I'm with Sissy Mix and other bloggers: War is bad enough, fascism very bad, a bad economy is awful, a dying middle class so hideous, but you mean to tell me it takes SEX to get people to wake up and notice that the Rethuglican party is loaded to the nines with criminals?

"Well,", as one friend tells me, "look what it did to Clinton."

Indeed. Sex sells, like it or not. Not war, not torture, not fake voting machines. Sex.

Okay, now I need that drink!