Tony Snow

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 at 05:04 PM

When Tony Snow was appointed Press Secretary to the President, some people--even some with a brain--tried to paint this as a good thing because Snow was such a "bright guy," and was unlikely to dodge questions the way Scott McClellan did. Well, for a bright guy who won't dodge questions....

In the last few days, Snow has:

a. Questioned whether the meeting between Dick Tenet, Cofer Black, and Condi Rice, as reported in Woodward's new book, ever took place.  It obviously did, as even Rice now admits (although she questions its tenor, clarity and content).

b. Tried to joke his way out of addressing Woodward's claim that Bush has deliberately painted an overly positive face on Iraq, by implying that such a claim was inconsistent with other claims that the Prez was fearmongering on terrorism.  Gee, bright guy, there's nothing inconsistent about claiming someone is overly optimistic on one thing and overly pessimistic on some other, different thing.

Tony Snow, either not as bright as advertised, or no more honest than McClellan.  There's a Hobson's choice.