When In Doubt, Point Fingers Elsewhere

Friday, October 06, 2006 at 05:46 PM

Leave it to old El Oxycondo to add his bizarre spin to Foleygate......

Media Matters has the pig skewered:

On the October 2 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh suggested that the recent resignation of former Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL), which came after allegations that Foley sent inappropriate emails to a 16-year-old male congressional page, was a "set ... up" "coordinated" by the Democrats. Limbaugh also stated that "the orgy and the orgasm that has been taking place in the media since Friday and with the Democrats is ... all coordinated, and it's ... all oriented toward the election." He added, "There's no concern about the kid," and blamed Democrats, because "[i]n their hearts and minds and their crotches, they don't have any problem with what Foley did. They've defended it over ... the years." Limbaugh's comments were previously noted in part by Salon.com's War Room.

El Blubberbutt then invents his version, fantasy as it is....

I'm just thinking out loud here. What if somebody got to the page and said, you know, we want you to set Foley up. We need to do a little titillating thing here. Keep it and save it and so forth. How would you get a kid to do that? Yeah, who knows? You threaten him or pay him. There's any number of ways given the kind of people that we're dealing with and talking about here.

Sounds like someone's back on the dope again, eh?

No, Rush, sorry, it didn't work that way, but, hey, nice try! Maybe the dittoheads will believe it, eh?