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Wednesday, October 11, 2006 at 04:40 PM

I awoke on Nov. 3, 2004, the day after the re-election of George W. Bush, with something like a hangover - and I hadn't been drinking. I had to decide at that point whether to retreat into my very comfortable life as a tenured professor or to try to do something to change this country's ruinous course. What rankled me most, even more than the outcome of the election itself, was the widespread assumption on the part of my fellow evangelicals that it was something akin to a sin to vote for anyone other than the incumbent, a man whose policies, in my judgment and despite his protestations of faith, are morally bankrupt.
Randall Balmer, evangelical Christian author, responding to an interviewer's query on why Balmer had written his book Thy Kingdom Come: How the Religious Right Distorts the Faith and Threatens America: An Evangelical's Lament.