Those Ivy League scum! (unless they're Repubs, of course)

Sunday, October 15, 2006 at 02:35 PM

recent Republicans keep tooting that "we're just plain folks, just like you" crap.  Take the Republican running to fill Bill Frist's Senate seat in Tennessee.

The Houston Chronicle reports that:
In a hard-fought Senate race in Tennessee, even the Ivy League credentials of Democrat candidate Rep. Harold Ford have come under attack from his GOP opponent, Bob Corker.

In a new TV spot, Corker suggests his opponent lacks Tennessee ties, noting that he "schooled" at Penn, in Philadelphia, while Corker chose the University of Tennessee.

You know, by that reasoning, any Republican candidates with Ivy League backgrounds should be equally subject to ridicule.  But there probablt aren't any Ivy Leaguers in the GOP, not that bastion of just plain folks.  Like hell.

A ten minute poke-around turned up:

Bill Frist himself graduated in 1974 from Princeton University

Arlen Specter graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Pennsylvania in 1951 and from Yale Law School in 1956

David Vutter form Louisiana for an A.B. from Harvard and a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University

And even former Sen. Lamar Alexander, a hero to many conservatives,  served as the Goodman professor at Harvard's School of Government

Then there's Bill Buckley, of course, and.....