The Truth Is Out There, But Not Here, Duh...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 at 02:57 AM

Is Pat Robertson our own version of Mullah Omar?

He must be; he sure opened his yap far enough just recently, with his little "fatwa" declaring that Venezuela's President Chavez be "taken out".

But, even more interesting? What his VP said about the entire matter:

" Rangel called Robertson ``a man who seems to have quite a bit of influence in that country,'' adding that the comments ``reveal that religious fundamentalism is one of the great problems facing humanity in these times.''"

Rangel sees the obvious: It's fundies of all stripes who are the biggest pain in the ass to civilization to date.

The worst ones, of course, live next door, down the street, and sadly, vote for The Party Of Global Empire, drive around in SUV's bearing those wholesome John 3:16 stickers, and yes, without realizing it, are promoters of domestic terrorism.

Gasp! Promoters of domestic terrorism??

And what the fuck do you think Eric Rudolph is, a boy scout? Rudolph has confessed to being "on a mission of God", making him about the same ilk as pilot Mohammed Atta. Not a killer, not a murderer, but a terrorist.

Add him to the list of others who've murdered doctors, nurses, planted bombs to wipe out federal buildings, or protest outside abortion clinics, and gee, golly gosh, what's the difference, sports fans?

I always found this part to be someone sardonic: Here's a bunch playing "pot" to Al Qaeda's "kettle", daring to compare themselves as better...when they're the same exact animal under the microscope: Fundamentalist extremist terrorists, just a domestic version.

It's also why I felt my intestines grumble when our government announced a "war on terror", wondering to myself "Gee, does that mean we attack and overrun most of our own nation, too?"

Okay, maybe I'm being facetious, but I ask myself, why aren't those like Falwell, Robertson, etc...playing Parcheesi down at Gitmo? Are they not the same blend of extremists? Do they not support overthrowing everything in order to create a government that rules by religious order?

And, what's the difference between Mohammed Atta and Eric Rudolph? Okay, one's dead, but otherwise, what's the significant difference?

Zero. None. Nada. Both are extremists, both are fundamentalist, and both are willing to use whatever means are necessary to get their goals achieved, even if such means the deaths of those "in harm's way". Even worse, I don't see any difference between those in North Carolina who helped Rudolph hide for so long....and those who actively support the insurgents in Iraq.

Ergo, VP Rangel hits the nail square: It ain't just Al Qaeda that's a royal pain to civilization, as we have our own supply right here in these fifty states, courtesy Pat, Jerry, Georgie and anyone else who thinks "God says it's okay to kill someone else because they're not of our religion."

Imagine that. Our own nation owns our very own version of Al Qaeda. What will we think of next?