Hard news, Russian style

Saturday, October 21, 2006 at 04:35 PM

You think the U.S., or the west generally, has a corner on puff news?  From Pravda:

Sharon Stone visits Moscow and puts warm underwear on
Miss Stone arrived in Moscow from Frankfort. The actresses demanded she should be greeted in Russia's capital with flowers and great enthusiasm. "She wanted to be paid attention to, although she was strongly against any paparazzi photographers," a person from the actress's team told the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

Needless to say that Russian tour managers met all requirements expressed by "Catherine Tramell." The actress was accommodated in a luxury suite in Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, where Madonna stayed in September during her Confessions Tour stop in Moscow.

The people who provided security for the Hollywood star were the same individuals who protected her during her previous visit to Moscow ten years ago. The actress recognized their faces and was thrilled to meet them again.

The actress did not miss her chance to find faults with the Russian managers organizing her stay in Moscow. Soon after her arrival the actress complained of bad air conditioning in her hotel room. Afterwards Stone claimed that she disliked the color of her bed linen in the room. She said she wanted the blue linen be replaced with pink.
also became known that a wealthy Russian businessman invited Sharon Stone to St.Petersburg. The oligarch promised to pay the actress $1.5 million for a visit.

How much like the western press has Pravda become?  Nowhere in the story does it even mention the headline's "warm underwear."

It's finally safe to say that the west has won the cold war.  We have seen the enemy and he is as shallow and incompetent as we are.