Who's Really Off Their Meds, Pray Tell?

Monday, October 23, 2006 at 03:53 PM

You have to wonder, at times, about Rush Lardbutt and his inability to focus on reality at times...

Recently, he had the audacity to attack actor Michael J Fox<. Why? Because Mr. Fox did an ad for a candidate, in which his disease...Parkinson's...shows so tragically well.

So, Rush, ever the MD (well, who wrote all those scrips for Oxycondin, then?), figures Fox went "off his meds" to make the spot. Small problem, Dr. Lardbutt:

the chorea that Michael J Fox has in that ad comes from chronic use of dopamine agonists in the context of Parkinson's. They're movements from the medicine, not the disease itself. Although he might have odd movements OFF of his meds, they wouldn't look like the ones in the ad. They'd look like the Parkinson's-like presentation of Muhammed Ali's Dementia Pugilistica.

In addition, those movements are hard to imitate accurately because they stem from circuits between the basal ganglia and cortex that you can't just turn off or on. Those aren't volitional circuits. There is little chance he was acting, and if he was, he could only accentuate slightly movementse already had. In other words, this is as tragic as it looks.

In other words, Dr. Lardbutt needs his license yanked. Wait, he ain't got one. Hmmm. Well, that might explain things....or is possible someone else has meds that wore off? Those reality-denial drugs all asswipes like Lardbutt must be taking in megadoses? The mind boggles....