......And Still No Economic Recovery.......Yet!

Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 06:23 AM

I dearly love the political ads being hurled about as of late; if not about race, fear and corruption, the Rethugs still spout about how good the economy.....isn't...

Since Chimpy was, ahem, elected (try not to laugh), our economy hasn't done much. If anything, it's done, well, about nothing.

The latest seems to show it's not improving, either:

While the war in Iraq has held much of the focus of the election debate, and other key parts of the economy, notably the stock market and employment, are still relatively strong, the Democrats were quick to seize on the GDP report as a further sign of problems in administration policy.

"Once again, the Bush economy is going in the wrong direction," said a statement from Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., the senior House Democrat on the Joint Economic Committee. "An economic recovery that never benefited working Americans in the first place now has slowed to a crawl."

Many of Lee's pieces have shown this over and over and over again. Some of mine, as well: What goddamned economic "boom" do we speak of, pray tell? And for whom?

Yet, the Rethugs still continue to crow and heavily about their "economic recovery." Case in point: The gubernatorial election in my state, South Carolina. Gov Mark Sanford (Retard) has ads running that tout goodies like:

Since January 2003, nearly 125,000 new jobs have been created in South Carolina, putting us in the top one-third of all states in the country in job growth.

Nice, right? Not so, according to his opponent, Tommy Moore. Moore's data don't look too hot for Sanford's dubious record.

* 138,235 people can't find work in South Carolina. (August, 2006 Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment numbers)


 * 1,280 mass layoffs and closings have been reported to the SC Commerce Department since 2000. (State Dislocated Worker Unit Layoff Notification Reports 2000-2006)
Note: More closings and layoffs occurred, but are not defined as "mass."

* 111,538 workers' jobs were affected due to these mass closings and layoffs. (State Dislocated Worker Unit Layoff Notification Reports 2000-2006)
Note: More jobs were affected, but the layoffs or closings are not defined as "mass."

* South Carolina has lost nearly 80,000 manufacturing jobs since 2000. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

In other words, Sanford's borrowing heavily from the Rove workbook. Minor detail, all those plants you see closed along both sides of our state highways, well, that should tell someone something, true?

After a time, you start adding up all these numbers, and what answer do you get? Simple: Rethuglicans are bad for your wallet. Always were, always will be.