Sorry, Rush, More Ammo I Don't Need...Nor Does Anyone Else

Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 02:45 PM

Poor old Rush Slimeball. Do we need doctors now to remove his foot from his mouth?....

Again, he's really made an ass of himself over this ad thing with actor Michael J Fox. Now? Guess what else he wants us to know?

"He didn't do that when he goes on Boston Legal, but it happened for the taping of this ad; and I think the reason for that is so you would really, really hate Republicans."

Rush, are you that fucking stupid? Must be.

No, Mr. Fox did that to hammer home a point, you nitwit: Rethugs get into the way of scientific research because they don't like science, got it, nimrod?

And for El Oxycondo's information, oh, trust me, that ad alone doesn't begin to describe the anger that already exists towards Rethugs. Does anyone really need a shopping list to prove the point?

Read any article on about any blog anywhere that tells the truth and doesn't attempt to distort it. In a whopping 99.99999724 percent of these articles, the same story is told: Rethugs are corrupt, stupid, lazy, feudalistic and a tad too fascist for us. Is this clear yet, sir?

And what was that I said a few articles back about someone being off their meds?