Get Character Values, for only $28.95

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 at 08:35 AM

How can you not be drawn to book/author claiming "A new multi-level model of ethics and morality has recently been announced..."????

Didn't hear the announcement?  Don't worry, most of the MSM and even the FM (fringe media) managed to miss it.  But its author didn't, and it's author wants you to know:

A new multi-level model of ethics and morality has recently been announced, as schematically depicted in the diagram immediately above. The distinctive listings of vitues and values defined within this system all appear linked on an intuitive level, suggesting a clear sense of underlying cohesiveness. The key factor behind this innovation arises as a direct consequence of the fledgling field of Communications Theory, borrowing the crucial concept of the metaperspective, a higher-order perspective upon the viewpoint held by another: schematically defined as "this is how I see you-seeing me." Indeed, there does not appear to be any conceptual barrier limiting the degree to which reflection can serve as a basis for itself, ultimately extending to a 10th-order level of meta-abstraction. The higher virtues, values, and ideals collectively build as subsets within this hierarchy of metaperspectives, each more abstract listing building upon that which it supersedes.

Take, for example, the cardinal virtues (prudence-justice-temperance-fortitude), the theological virtues (faith-hope-charity-decency), and the classical Greek values (beauty-truth-goodness-wisdom). Each of these traditional ethical groupings is further subdivided into a complex of four subordinate terms, allowing for precise point-for-point stacking within the hierarchy of metaperspectives. When additional groupings of ethical terms are further added to the mix: namely, the civil liberties (providence-liberty-civility-austerity), the humanistic values (peace-love-tranquility-equality), the mystical values (ecstasy-bliss-joy-harmony), amongst others; the complete ten level hierarchy of metaperspectives emerges in full detail, partially reproduced in the table immediately below:

All this from:
Character Values: Promoting a Virtuous Lifestyle, by John E. LaMuth M.S.
Published by Fairhaven Book Publishers, Lucerne Valley, CA;
Trade softcover (7.44 x 9.69 inches), 380 pages
Extensively illustrated (20 photographs, 48 figures/tables). $28.95

What I can't decide is whether our president needs to be immediately made aware of this book, or whether he's already been reading from it.