1+1+1 = 4.2773

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 at 03:00 PM

Or, let's put it another way: What about today's news just fails to add up?........

The polls are less than 24 hours closed, and out of the blue, SOD Rummy RESIGNS?????????

I got the call at lunch today from The Squid, he was as shocked, but almost as soon as we both stopped cackling, Uncle Reality storms the door: What posessed this to take place and now all of a freaking sudden?

And a question then toggles: Resigned...or FIRED??? And yes, why now of all times?

All I can offer is this: The "upset" of Dems taking the House may have gone off less like a political victory, and to some, an epiphany of sorts in play:

The shit may be ready to smack the rotors.

Impeaching Chimpy may not work, but, the House, rid of Rethug control, will, no doubt, begin one investigation after another into the relentless lies, the buffonery, and the moronic behavior of Camp Chimpenfuerher. What better way to lighten the load, by tossing Rummy overboard now...before he can be forced to testify about all those really bad decisions he made?

Timing, it is said, is everything. Apparently so, and Rummy's resignation, at this hour of all hours, comes with a stench attached, and the waft of it comes directly from the White Slum itself.

Then, one wonders, what else is about to take place? We shall soon see.