Noe convicted in coingate; it's turning into a pretty good month

Monday, November 13, 2006 at 03:43 PM

It's turning into a pretty good month for honesty, common sense, and the public interest:
Tom Noe may have found God, but justice has found Tom Noe.

The main figure in the Ohio "coingate" scandal,in which a big time Republican fundraiser in Ohio was given millions and millions of state funds to "invest" in rare coins, only to have several of those millions go missing, has been convicted of embezzling at least $2 million.

A little mentioned aspect of the case is that Noe was, in fact, a longtime Chair of one of Ohio's County Board of Elections, who turned that key job over to his wife just before the 2004 elections.  How did that go?

Long lines, computer breakdowns, intimidation, harassment and hacked vote counts were the defining characteristics of the election the Noe's administered in the Toledo area...