Oh, Yes, Give Us Another Monopoly, Thank You

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 03:49 PM

Even I was amazed at this, and perhaps, US Airways get the Watching The Watchers Chutzpah Award for 2006, with their hostile attempt at buying up Delta.....

You can always tell when Rethugs run DC; large businesses become like Roman orgies, and not enough vomitoriums to go around. Bad enough Ma Bell is staging a comeback, especially after all those years of anti-trust to dissolve such, only to stage a new attempt of late to become, yes, Ma Bell again.

And here's another prime example. "Useless Air" wants to wed "Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport". Well, those are the cute names some called them over the years, but, honestly, a merger? Would that be a good idea?

No. It won't be.

I know, as a frequent flier and aviator, many routes both airlines fly are, yes, duplicates of the other. For example, there are Airways flights departing Charlotte for O'Hare, about the same time a Delta departs for O'Hare from Atlanta. Combine and? Yep, the accountants take over: Somebody's gonna lose a flight...or two...or three...or four.

It also goes to reason either Charlotte or Atlanta will lose and lose hard, honestly, it might be a flip of the coin to see who loses. Yes, it won't be necessary to have both of these "hub" airports in operation, as things are "streamlined", of course, trust me, that's the way corporations think.

Ultimately, the big loser will be me. Or you. Or anyone who has to fly, and lacks a 172 to bum like I do. (Unless someone I know thinks about that KingAir again...). It will create havoc for fliers, where flights once existed along X route, it will be replaced with something even more complex, and oh, did we mention...more costly? That's the other thing corporate merging brings: Price increases. Well, someone's got to pay for all those lawyers, right?

All that will leave is a choice of the new paint scheme. I say dollar green. That would work perfectly. It would also tell the truth.

No, it's a bad idea, all around. Thinks work well when there is a competition factor, not when one bozo owns the entire playing field.

Hmm, maybe I need to look at leasing, eh?